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Revised HTM04-01 - How does the new guidance affect you?

Department of Health released a revised version of their Guidance of Safe Water in Healthcare Premises, Health Technical Memorandum HTM04-01, which is now brought in line with latest HSE Approved Code of Practice ACoP L8:2013 and HSG274 Part 2.

The revised guidance is now available in three parts, A, B and C, which provides very comprehensive advice and guidance on the legal requirements, design applications, maintenance and operation of domestic hot and cold water systems in all types of healthcare premises including:

• Healthcare management

• Water Safety Groups

• Design engineers

• Estates managers

• Contractors and Water Management

The revised HTM04-01 provides advice and guidance on the control and management of Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other waterborne pathogens to be managed within the healthcare premises.

In addition, new guidance concentrates on the competency of installers/plumbers working on healthcare premises. The guidance outlines that all persons water distribution systems or undertaking routine cleaning of water outlets need to complete a water hygiene awareness training.

The three parts of the HTM are as follow:

  • Part A - Design, Installation and Commissioning

  • Part B - Operational Management

  • Part C - Pseudomonas aeruginosa in augmented care units.

We will be publishing a summary of the key changes in due course, however, if you have any questions about the revised HTM or you would like us to review the risk assessment or find out about suitable Water Hygiene & Legionella Awareness course, contact one of our consultants.


The First Principle Team


M: 07896049085

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