Introducing First FREE Dental Practice Artificial Intelligence πŸ€– Compliance Management Platform

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal assistant who can answer all your compliance questions, right there 24-7?

Let me introduce you to "Ask Pete Principle" Facebook Messenger Compliance and Practice Management Personal Assistant (ChatBotπŸ€–) – It’s Pete Principle in your pocket!

It’s a completely free service designed to make your life easier. Have you got burning questions such as how do I do a COSHH assessment, what are key lines of enquiry, waste disposal issues and what to do about fire safety? These problems and may others can be answered immediately through the power of my chatbot...

The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to help you out. All the hours of searching and looking up legislation can be eliminated in seconds.

Ask Pete Principle ChatBot is designed to be interactive and access a powerful database of information. This information is always expanding with your help and ensuring the latest resources are right there at your fingertips.

It’s not just another source of information. Ask Pete Principle ChatBot πŸ€– will be your friend with useful services in addition to entertaining you while you get all the compliance information you need.

The bot also links directly with the Dental Practice Management Solutions Facebook Group, The First Principle website/blogs, HSE and CQC website for all the topical information and information on everything dentistry.

As the ChatBot grows and expands, with your help, future services such as interactive CPD training, direct service links and more free documents, audits and information will mean compliance becomes simple again!

How you can join "Ask Pete Principle" platform for free?

Just make sure you are logged in to your facebook account and just click "Send to Messenger" button below:

The ChatBot will send you a message to introduce itself and explain briefly how you can use it.

So remember, the ChatBot is here for you. The ChatBot won’t get upset and won’t let you down.

Give the AI personal assistant a try today.

Hi {{First Name}} How can I help you today?

Remember when you look for something, try to keep it simple for now... I am not Siri or Alexa yet 😁

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