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Doctors' Surgeries Legionella Management and Legionella Risk Assessment Services

Doctors’ Surgeries (GP Practicies), as any other organisations, have a duty to ensure that their water systems are free from Legionella Bacteria under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) and the Health & Safety at Work Act.

Are you confident that your practice complies with latest HSE ACoP L8:2013 and HSG274, HTM04-01? 

Legionellosis is the collective name given to the pneumonia-like illness caused by legionella bacteria. This includes the most serious legionnaires’ disease, which is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Everyone is susceptible to infection. However, some people are at higher risk, including:


  • people over 45 years of age

  • smokers and heavy drinkers

  • people suffering from chronic respiratory or kidney disease

  • anyone with an impaired immune system

Any water system that has the right environmental conditions could potentially be a source for legionella bacteria growth. The most common places where legionella can be found include purpose-built water systems, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot and cold water systems and spa pools. There are also a number of other systems that may pose a risk to exposure to legionella, e.g. humidifiers, air washers, emergency showers, indoor ornamental fountains etc.​

Image by Anastasia Nelen

Our GP Practice Water Safety & Legionella Risk Assessment will include:


  • Summary of Overall Risk Rating

  • Site/Building Overview

  • Written Scheme/Monitoring Programme Evaluation

  • Photographic Evidence

  • Schematic Drawings

  • Risk Assessment Executive Summary and Risk Rating (Risk Conclusion)

  • Recommendations 

  • Risk Assessment Survey Data:

    • Management Overview

    • Other risk systems

    • Domestic Hot and Cold Water

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