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Our Health and Safety Services

The First Principle would like to offer your business a full range of health and safety services, as well as building surveying and consultancy services - from inspections and audit through to testing and analysis. We would like to offer your business the very best solutions in each category.

Services: General Health and Safety; Acting as Health and Safety Appointed Responsible Person for Your Business; Legionella Risk Assessments and Management; Fire Safety Risk Assessments and Fire Warden Training; COSHH Management; CQC Compliance for Dentistry; First Aid at Work Training and more...

Health & Safety Management

As part of our health and safety management service, we assist businesses in adhering to legal requirements for employee and consumer protection as well as health and safety. This include carrying out risk analyses, creating health and safety rules and procedures, educating staff members, and keeping track of compliance. We assist companies of all sizes and across all sectors in establishing a safe and healthy workplace for their workers.

Legionella Risk Assessment

A potentially lethal form of pneumonia called Legionnaires' disease is brought on by the Legionella bacteria. Water systems including cooling towers, hot tubs, and decorative fountains frequently contain the bacterium. In our legionella risk assessment, we identify probable legionella sources, evaluate the risk, and suggest risk-reduction strategies.

Fire Risk Assessment

In a fire risk assessment, potential fire dangers in a structure are identified, and the possibility of a fire developing is evaluated. A fire's possible effects, including the risk to public safety, property damage, and disruption of corporate operations, must also be considered. Our fire risk assessment service comprises a comprehensive inspection of the structure, an evaluation of the fire safety measures already in place, the identification of problem areas, and recommendations for enhancing fire safety.

CQC Dental Compliance

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates dental practices in England to ensure they provide safe, effective, and high-quality care. Our CQC dental compliance service helps dental practices meet the CQC's requirements and standards. This includes conducting risk assessments, developing policies and procedures, training staff, and preparing for CQC inspections.

Dental Practice Fire Risk Assessment

Our dental practice fire risk assessment service involves a thorough inspection of the dental practice to identify potential fire hazards and assess the level of risk. We can make suggestions for managing and lowering the danger of fire and train your team in fire safety measures.

Dental Practice Legionella

To control the risk of legionella bacteria, dental practices must regularly do risk assessments. Our dental practise legionella service entails a detailed examination of the practice's water systems and facilities, the identification of potential legionella sources, an evaluation of the level of risk, and  easy to follow action plans.

Doctors' Surgery Legionella Risk Assessment

Doctor's surgeries are required to conduct regular risk assessments to manage the risk of legionella bacteria. Our doctor's surgery legionella risk assessment service includes a thorough inspection of the water systems and facilities in the surgery, identifying potential sources of legionella, assessing the level of risk, and providing recommendations for controlling the risk.

Nursing Home Legionella Risk Assessment

Nursing homes are particularly vulnerable to the risk of legionella bacteria due to the age and health of the residents. Our nursing home legionella risk assessment service includes a comprehensive inspection of the water systems and facilities in the nursing home, assessing the level of risk, and providing recommendations for controlling the risk.

Asbestos Demolition & Refurbishment Surveys 

Our asbestos refurbishment service involves identifying any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that may be present in a building before any refurbishment or demolition work takes place. We can provide a comprehensive survey, identifying the location and condition of any ACMs, and provide advice on the safe removal and disposal of any identified asbestos.

Asbestos Survey

This service involves a thorough inspection of a building to identify the presence of any asbestos-containing materials.  Exposure to asbestos can cause serious respiratory diseases, so it's essential to identify any asbestos in a building and take steps to manage the risks. Our asbestos survey includes taking samples of materials suspected to contain asbestos, analysing them in a laboratory, and providing a report with recommendations for managing any asbestos found.

RPE Face Fit Testing

Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is essential for protecting workers from harmful substances and particles in the air. Our RPE face fit testing service ensures that the RPE fits the wearer correctly and provides the necessary level of protection. We can provide testing for a range of RPE, including masks and respirators, and provide training on proper use and maintenance.

Building Services Validation Survey

 Our building validation survey service involves assessing a building's compliance with relevant regulations and standards, such as fire safety, health and safety, and accessibility. We can provide a detailed report on any areas of non-compliance and recommendations for improvement, ensuring the building is safe and fit for purpose.

Pseudomonas Risk Assessment

Pseudomonas is a type of bacteria that can cause serious infections, particularly in vulnerable individuals, such as those in hospitals or care homes. Our pseudomonas risk assessment service involves a comprehensive inspection of water systems and facilities, identifying potential sources of pseudomonas, assessing the level of risk, and providing recommendations for controlling the risk.

Water Testing - Sampling

As part of our water testing service, we collect water samples from various sources and examine them for the presence of dangerous elements or microorganisms like legionella. We offer comprehensive results with recommendations for any necessary corrective action along with testing for a variety of pollutants.

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