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Working at Heights Training

Elevate Safety Standards: Comprehensive Training for Working at Heights, Empowering Individuals with Essential Skills and Risk Mitigation Strategies

The Problem

Workplace accidents are a serious matter and fall from heights remain the leading cause of fatalities, accounting for nearly 30% of fatal injuries to workers, as well as being the second-biggest cause of major workplace accidents (HSE RIDDOR 2013/14). These statistics highlight the importance of ensuring that those who work at height are properly trained and equipped to perform their duties safely and effectively.

The Law

Under Work at Height Regulations 2005 (as amended) the law requires employers and persons in control of working at height to prevent death and injury caused by work at height. Work must be properly planned, supervised and carried out by competent persons.

Risk assessments must be performed for activities working at height. This will include choosing the right methods of working and appropriate control measures, such as using the right type of equipment. There is no minimum to a height that can be classified as ‘working at height’ (such as over 2 metres). In reality, this could be any distance where “a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury”.

The Solution

Working at heights training is a sensible, risk based approach to practical management of working at height situations. This training course will equip you with the right information to assist with meeting the requirements of Work at height Regulations 2005 (as amended).

This course is for any persons required to carry out work at height, or any persons involved in the planning or supervision of work at height, including managers and supervisors.

  • Background and statistics, including introduction to the Work at Height Regulations.

  • Scope: Who and what is included in working at height – and what isn’t.

  • Organisation, planning and competence requirements.

  • A risk assessment based approach – theory and practice – to assessing work at height operations and requirements.

  • The hierarchy of steps taken when approaching any height based work, including additional measures.

  • Selection of the right type of access equipment, work equipment, preventative and protective measures that can be taken to minimise risk.

  • Other requirements to be considered from working at height.

  • Practical risk assessment and associated control measures.  

This course can be tailored to your specific working at height requirements in any sector such as warehouse work, roofing, construction, scaffolding, engineering, installations, vehicle operations and maintenance, window installers, maintenance workers and many others.

working at heights training

On successful completion, a certificate will be issued for your training records.

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