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Join The First Principle!

At The First Principle, we're not just another health and safety company. We're innovators, challengers, and relentless improvers. Driven by the powerful philosophy of Kaizen, we are in constant pursuit of excellence, seeking to transform the industry and redefine standards.


Why work with us?

  • Innovation at the Heart: Join a team where fresh ideas are not just welcomed; they're celebrated. Your contributions will directly impact our continuous journey toward groundbreaking solutions.

  • Grow Continuously: Embrace the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally in an environment that thrives on the principles of Kaizen—continuous improvement is in our DNA.

  • Make a Real Difference: Be part of a company that goes beyond compliance. We aim to exceed client expectations, ensuring safety and well-being are not just tick-box exercises but a way of life.

  • Dynamic Culture: Our team is our biggest asset. We foster a culture of support, collaboration, and respect, where everyone's voice matters.

We are looking for

  • Passionate Innovators: Individuals who are eager to challenge the status quo and bring forward-thinking ideas to the table.

  • Dedicated Professionals: Team members committed to excellence and delivering outstanding results for our clients.

  • Continuous Learners: People who are always looking to enhance their knowledge and skills, aligning with our Kaizen philosophy.

Our openings

Health & Safety Risk Assessor

Full-time, Permanent
Immediate start

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