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CQC plans to inspect 10 per cent of England’s 10,000 dental practices

29 Dental Practices inspected by CQC last week.

The Care Quality Commission published reports on the quality of care provided by 29 dental practices in England last week.

Summary of findings:

"These shortfalls related to managing fire safety risks and the systems that mitigated further risks to patients and the tenants on the first floor of the building in the event of a fire. These included: lack of regular testing of fire alarms and emergency lighting. We also noted that the signage relating to fire exists did not conform to current fire regulations and fire drills were not timed.

Other areas of concern were the organisation of policies and procedures from several different compliance systems which led to confusion with respect to operating practice policies, procedures and protocols. This led to shortfalls in the maintenance of staff training records and risk assessment in relation to Legionella.

Professor Steve Field, Chief Inspector of General Practice (Primary Medical Services and Integrated Care Directorate), said:

"We know that the quality of care provided by most dentists meets the fundamental standards required by law and, and that is reflected in the reports we have published so far."

"If we find that a dental practice is failing to meet the required standard - we will expect them to provide us with a full plan setting out how they will address the issue, and we will return to check that they have made the required improvements."

Don't wait for the CQC to tell you what you do wrong!

Don't give them reasons to return!

Let us work with you, not just for you....

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