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CQC Say: The picture for the dental sector is positive.

Did you know?

Did you know that the latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) State of Care report 2016/2017 has highlighted the importance of good access to early primary care dental services and praised dentists for positive contributions to people's overall health?

"Access to primary care dental services plays an important role in the oral and dental health of the population. Good dental care contributes to people’s overall health: early diagnosis of mouth cancer and preventative treatment and advice for children and adults is now part of a visit to the dentist."

The report also states that the quality of care in England in the last two years has improved and the picture of the dental sector is looking positive said the regulator.

CQC inspect 10% of providers every year, based on a model of risk and random inspection, as well as inspecting in response to direct patient complaint.

In 2016/2017 CQC has completed 1,131 inspections across England and CQC concluded that the outcomes were consistent with the previous year and demonstrated that the majority of dental care providers (88%) that were inspected are providing good service and were meeting regulations relating to all five key lines of enquiries.

CQC reports that nationally, 111 dental care providers inspected (10%) 'required action'. They also needed to take enforcement action against 22 dental practices (2%), however following the re-inspections, practices had actioned quickly to address issues identified during the initial inspection and as a result improved the patient care.

CQC has also concluded in their report that most breaches of the regulations were related to the well-led key questions.


The regulator has carried out an unannounced inspections focusing on the safe key question after a concern was raised by the patients.

"We found significant concerns around the cleanliness of the practice in general and risks around a lack of medical emergency equipment and out-of-date medicines"


  • CQC inspected 1,131 dental practices in 2016/17

  • The picture for the dental sector is positive.

  • 111 dental practices inspected (10%) ‘required action’

  • The enforcement action was taken against 22 practices (2%)

  • following the re-inspections, practices had actioned quickly to address issues

  • Full Care Quality Commission (CQC) State of Care report 2016/2017- Click Here


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