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Introducing A.I.D - Artificial Intelligence Dentist!

Have you ever heard of a bot or robot (I like to call A.I.D – Artificial Intelligence Dentist) that can automatically reply to standard questions you get on your dental practice Facebook Page?

👉 Or a bot that allows your patients to request a callback or book a consultation using your Facebook Page and Facebook Messenger?

👉 Or even better, a bot that will automatically message anyone that interacts (comments) on your Facebook Page when you post about offers you currently have (eg. Free Teeth Straightening/Invisalign™ Consultation!) and then allows your patient to automatically submit consultation booking request that is emailed to your practice reception!?

Introducing you to A.I.D - Artificial Intelligence Dentist - Facebook Messenger Chatbot that makes dentists life much easier, so you can concentrate on what you do best!

Here is what dental practice owner thinks about A.I.D

"I have to say I regularly get bombarded with marketing firms, SEO specialists and other similar companies. I can say, hand on heart, Pete is the most genuinely hard working and honest businessman I have come across. With 20 years of experience that says a lot. He always over delivers and his prices are reasonable with an extensive knowledge in his field. I have only known Pete for a few months but look forward to many years working together. Thanks Pete for the Bot, I can now chill out and not answer my phone every second to inquiries. Oh, my family thanks you as well as it has freed up many hours answering the messages!"

To access FREE Live DEMO - A.I.D just follow this few simple steps!

👉 Join and invite a friend to join Dental Practice Management Solution Facebook Community - JOIN

👉 Comment on this FACEBOOK POST

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